Andrew Harris

<WebDeveloper age={26} location='CA' />

These are some of my projects.

I also make music.


  • A website where users can upload their own music for others to stream.
  • Users can vote on and comment on songs.
  • Songs will move up the charts as they get more votes.
  • Songs can be sorted by genre and submission date.

Notable technologies: Node, MongoDB

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  • A chatroulette-like site where users can connect via webcam and text chat to other people on the site.
  • Face detection for a user's webcam is implimented to discourage innapropriate streams. If a user's face isn't showing for ten seconds, they are kicked off the site.
  • Users can reroll at any time to connect to another random user on the site.

Notable technologies: Node,, WebRTC, Tracking.js

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Setting Up An HTTPS Server With Node, Amazon EC2, NGINX And Let's Encrypt

I show you how to:

  • Create an EC2 Instance and route your domain to its Route 53 Hosted Zone.
  • Setup a NGINX server as a reverse proxy for a Node server.
  • Setup Let's Encrypt for your new server.

Read on Medium. Chat Rooms

  • A chat site where users can create their own rooms.
  • Rooms can be made to be password protected.
  • Users can change their username.

Notable technologies: Node,

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  • A web game to practice ear training.
  • Players can change the instrument and musical scale.
  • Players must hit the buttons in the right order per the selected scale.
  • After five wins a secret song is played.

Notable technologies: React, Redux

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Key Hero

  • A music and rhythm based web game.
  • Similar gameplay mechanics to Guitar Hero.
  • High score feature that connects to a Firebase database.

Notable technologies: Firebase

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